Send me a reminder before the race starts so I don’t miss any of the action

Case study – Johnny was manning the BBQ on Caulfield Cup day and was reading the form guide between turning the sausages. He lost track of time and as a result, ended up missing the race! Setting the race day notifications on Best Fairy Flutter will give reminders with plenty of time to generate a Best Fairy Flutter selection and to make sure you catch the race.

There is plenty of action at the races – especially at this time of year.

Which means it is easy to miss a race altogether – or get caught up in the line to place a bet if you’re at the track.

Best Fairy Flutter is here to help!

You can ask your BFF to send you pre-race notifications by clicking on the binoculars icon on the top right hand side of a racing venue screen. You can access the racing venue screen from the today’s races tile on the home page by clicking on a venue (eg Flemington).

You have the option of switching notifications on or off at any time by clicking on the binoculars icon.

If the binoculars icon is on, you will receive reminders 20 minutes and 2 minutes before each race at that venue.

Never miss a race again!!

Your BFF will also send you a celebratory notification if you won.

You will need to allow Best Fairy Flutter to send you notifications in order to activate this feature.

If you selected “allow” notifications when you created your Best Fairy Flutter account – you’re all set!

If not, you will need to access the notifications section of your phone settings (eg the “Settings” button on iPhone) and then allowing notifications for Best Fairy Flutter.