What are the buttons on the home screen?

The home screen allows you to easily navigate to the different sections of Best Fairy Flutter.

The wand on the top left of the screen activates the wand generator screen – which allows you to change your wand preferences at any time.

The avatar on the top right allows you to change and update your preferences. Clicking on the avatar will also allow you to link your Best Fairy Flutter account to your existing UBET account, or create a new UBET account.

The gold coin shows your UBET account balance at a glance.

Case study – Johnny was manning the BBQ on Caulfield Cup day and was reading the form guide between turning the sausages. He lost track of time and as a result, ended up missing the race! Setting the race day notifications on Best Fairy Flutter will give reminders with plenty of time to generate a Best Fairy Flutter selection and to make sure you catch the race.

There is plenty of action at the races – especially at this time of year.

Which means it is easy to miss a race altogether – or get caught up in the line to place a bet if you’re at the track.

Best Fairy Flutter is here to help!

You can ask your BFF to send you pre-race notifications by clicking on the binoculars icon on the top right hand side of a racing venue screen. You can access the racing venue screen from the today’s races tile on the home page by clicking on a venue (eg Flemington).

You have the option of switching notifications on or off at any time by clicking on the binoculars icon.

If the binoculars icon is on, you will receive reminders 20 minutes and 2 minutes before each race at that venue.

Never miss a race again!!

Your BFF will also send you a celebratory notification if you won.

You will need to allow Best Fairy Flutter to send you notifications in order to activate this feature.

If you selected “allow” notifications when you created your Best Fairy Flutter account – you’re all set!

If not, you will need to access the notifications section of your phone settings (eg the “Settings” button on iPhone) and then allowing notifications for Best Fairy Flutter.

The wand screen will appear the first time you click on a race, or whenever you click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” tile.

Give you phone a shake – more than a little, but less than a lot..!

Your best match will then appear.

If the top selection doesn’t immediately take your fancy, or if you want to check out the other options for a race, click on the link “Don’t like it? See more picks for you here!” at the bottom of the screen.

This will then take you to a list of all runners in a race – sorted in order of your best matches.

Your best selection is at the top of the list (as shown by the Star symbol).

You can see further details of each of the horses in this list.

You can see more details of the horses in a race by clicking on them – this will show details of the barrier, trainer and jockey.

The current fixed odds prices of each horse are also shown.

After you have waved the wand – if you want to return to the home screen, you will need to click on the “Don’t like it? See more picks for you here!” link at the bottom of the screen. From there, you can navigate back to the home screen by clicking on the back arrow on the top left hand side of the screen.

The good news is – there are no rules!

You can enter as many, or as few, selections as you like.

You can choose to make selections in one category, or many. Some categories limit you to choosing from one alternative – eg a boy horse or a girl horse. Other categories allow you choose as many options as you like – such as colours, numbers and letters.

You can change your wand preferences at any time, as often as you like, by clicking on the little wand on the top left hand side of the home page.

If you’ve entered your selections, waved your wand but are not liking the suggestion – go back into the wand selection generator by clicking on the wand icon on the home page – make some adjustments – and then navigate back to the race. The order will then update to reflect your new selections.

Case study:

Macy was on a rare day out and went to the races with her friends. Her lucky numbers were the ages of her 3 children and her anniversary date, her lucky letters were the first letters of her childrens’ and husband’s first names, colours were the family favourites, and she also liked the look of curvy numbers and long shots. They all went into the mixing bowl, and Best Fairy Flutter made suggestions in line with her family’s charms..


Spring is a magical time of year. With the Melbourne Cup almost upon us, the growing excitement is almost palpable.

For us ladies, there is much for to do and much to get ready: the perfect outfit; perfect hat or fascinator; stunning shoes (that you can walk in all day); hair styling; makeup; a clutch – and everything that needs to squeeze in it! The good news is that, this year, you can rejoice about extra space in your bag. No need to try and squeeze a racebook in to that valuable handbag real estate.  Simply charge up your phone and make sure to download the Best Fairy Flutter app.


Let us introduce Betty.  She’s the face of Best Fairy Flutter and your new BFF (Best Fairy Friend) at the track. Her job is to make your race day betting experience as simple and convenient as possible…with an extra sprinkle of fairy dust for fun.

Horse racing is serious business but it doesn’t have to be, a little luck is important too.  Best Fairy Flutter’s magic wand lets you quickly and easily select your horses based on the things you find lucky.

With Betty in your pocket or purse, all your need to do is wave your phone to pick out the best horse for you in any race at any of the day’s race meetings. Tap through to place your bets. Betty will let your know when you have a race coming up and will send you a message if you have won. So that leaves you free to simply enjoy the races, the fashions, the champagne, the company, the whole show. Betty is like your very own race day PA. What a nice fairy.

The BFF magic wand will be available for download just in time for the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Make sure to add it to your pre-race day checklist.